Sex T's Android App:



Question:    Can I see how Sex T's App works?


       YES! Click to Try Sex T's App


Question:    How do I get Sex T's App?


       1. Go to the Sex T's on the Adroid Market on your Adroid device.
       2. Search: Download Sex T's App to you Android Phone or Tablet.

Question:    What can I do with this App?


  • Browse through the wonderful world of Sex T's a novelty T-shirt company
  • See our fun apparel and products
  • Read about the meaning behind each clever design
  • Shop Sex T's by linking through the app to our online store so you can start getting your sexy style on!

Question:    Does Sex T's have Apps for other Devices?


       Yes! Sex T's has an iPhone App.

Question:    How do I Contact Sex T's about their App?


       Email Sex T's!

    Or write to our Corporate Offices at:

    Sex T's LTD
      PO Box 323
      New York, NY 10040


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