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Question: How do I order Sex T's Products?
        Answer: Go to our
Sex T's Store

Question: What are the designs based on?
        Answer: Many Fun Sexual Activities (see Definitions below)

Question: Are the designs Pornographic? 
        Answer: No. These novelty designs were created with humor and fun in mind with Sex as the theme but it tongue in cheek fun.  

Question: Can I get anything besides just Sex T-shrits? 
        Answer: Sex T's has a variety of products at their store from apparal to gifts to teddybears.

Question: How much are Sex T's products? 
        Answer: Prices vary depending on the product. Follow us to take advantage of sales. 

Question: How can I view these designs more closely? 
        Answer: Simply click on the linked names of the definitions belwo to veiw each Sex T's design associated with that actibvity. 



  • Sex Tease
    Anyone wearing the "Sex T's" Logo!! 

  • Shrimping
    Erotic toe sucking for sexual gratification.

  • Cleveland Steamer
    The art of taking a dump on your sexual partner's chest as part of sexual play.

  • 69
    Used as a reference for simultaneous oral stimulation between two sexual partners. The reference is made because 6 and 9 (as inverted versions of each other) reflect the physical position of a couple engaging in this fun sexual activity.

  • Tea Bagging
    The act of using one's balls like a teabag being dunked into a cup of hot water by lowering ball-sack into the another's mouth, who is laying on their back, and then bouncing the balls in and out.

  • Brown Eye
    Another name for butt hole.

  • Swamp Ass
    The condition of a hot, sweaty crotch and ass crack.

  • Roman Helmet
    The art of placing his ballsack on the woman's forehead as his man-member lays flat down the bridge her nose to resemble the shape of a Roman Helmet. Why do people do this..."Just For Fun!"

  • Golden Shower
    Pissing on someone during sex to get off.

  • Dirty Sanchez
    It doesn't really matter how it gets there as long as one person during sexual play ends up with a poop moustache. It can come from a man using his man-member to rub doo-doo on his partner's upper lip after anal sex. Or when a finger, dirted from being in another's Backdoor, is then wiped accross the upper lip.
  • Backdoor
    A secondary entry/exit, located at the rear.
  • Docking
    Insertion of an cut man's his erect member into the foreskin of an uncut man. 
  • Crack Snacker
    Lesbian; a woman who loves woman; specifically, a female who snacks on the crack of another female.
  • Follow Van
    A follow van is the ride for the members of shooting crew on a film. The van follows close behind the car in a movie as a driving scene is shot. In the world of film it's often a dull place to be. Some even say, "Friends don't let friends get into follow vans."
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